Saturday, May 11, 2013

And Baby Makes Three

I call them Jack and Mrs. Sprat. He is a skinny little person and she...well...isn't. Actually the biggest thing about her is her butt, and she certainly doesn't wear things designed to minimize it. To see her walking away in a pair of yellow stretch pants is like watching an explosion in slow motion: it seems to get bigger as you look at it - a new layer of cottage cheese gets added on top of the last with each step. Even Sir Mix-A-Lot would deny.

But the point of this story is not Mrs. Sprat's WMD. It's about them and their little dog, whom they treat like it's their child. They've always brought their precious little pooch on board in a proper carrier. Okay, no problem. But recently they've started pushing the dog around in an enclosed stroller. Jack and the Mrs. were all upset and complaining at the Transient Center recently because a driver had apparently refused to let them ride with their dog. It wasn't really clear what exactly had happened because their story was rambling and disjointed. Not only had they not noted the name of the driver (odd because Jack considers himself an expert on all aspects of our system), for some reason they couldn't even identify his or her sex! All they could say was that this mysterious non-gender-specific driver had "86'd" them from the bus without any explanation.

If there was any truth to their story, it's easy to see why the driver might have refused them service. We have a rule that the occupants of strollers (usually an actual human child) can't be in the stoller, which has to be folded down when on the bus. Otherwise the stroller can get loose and cause damage or injuries to the child or others. Since the doggy's stroller needed to be folded, the animal would then not have been in a carrier. Seems pretty simple to me. If this all really happened, I would hope that the driver explained to them the reason. I like to think that he or she (or both, or neither, who knows?) did try to explain, but the Sprats were simply too addlepated to comprehend it. Eventually they wandered off and no more was heard about it. It will be interesting to see if they continue to try to ride with their "baby" in the stroller.

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