Sunday, June 9, 2013

Yawn Nom Nom

Why is he driving a bus inside a mini-storage facility?

 My company attempts to keep us safe through many means. One of the more entertaining, at least, is the little "What's Wrong With This Picture" in the break room. About once a week a new picture appears in the plastic holder. After you figure out the unsafe practice, or after you've given up, you flip up the picture, and on the back is printed the answer, along with tips for avoiding such dire circumstances.

Now it should be obvious to anyone that this driver is yawning. Let's just forget about why that's unsafe, or how you can prevent it. His empty hand seemed to be begging for something in it.

Now, I'm not above the enticement of embellishing company images and other publications. I may even have done it once or twice, albeit in a non-permanent and (mostly) inoffensive manner. I, however, wasn't going to touch this one.

Thankfully, someone else took up the guantlet:

"This corn dog is burning my fingers. I sure wish I had held the stick."

I can't believe they went to the trouble of finding and cutting out a scale corn dog and carefully making a tiny loop of tape and affixing it to the picture inside its holder. If I could find this anonymous wag, I would shake their hand.

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  1. You could turn this into a whole series. Give him a microphone: "This driver should not be using his bus as a karaoke bar." Or a hamster: "The driver should not attempt to inhale small rodents while operating the vehicle." I imagine that whoever posts these things will fail to see the humor, though.