Friday, August 2, 2013

Bicycle Hitching Post

More Transient Center-bicycle hijinks. This photo is not unlike this blog's title photograph - which, if you didn't know (and you didn't, really, because I never told you) features a bike "locked" to a former parking meter post at the illustrious C Town Transient Center, to wit:

The bike in the top photo was so encrusted in rust that it looked like they must have dragged it out of an old barn with a leaky roof. It didn't even have a front tire. I'm wondering how it came to be at the TC, since I can't believe any one actually rode it.

The best part was how they used the inner tube to "secure" it to the old parking meter posts. By the way, all parking meters in this lot have been replaced by one machine where all parkers pay. Now instead of the convenience of being able to pay at your car, you have to trudge over to the machine after you know which parking space number you're in. There's a good chance you'll have to stand in a long line in the blazing sun or the pouring rain at the uncovered machine with all the other parkers who just arrived for their respective classes or events or whatever. But, hey, the city saves a few bucks because the guy who collects the money only has to visit one machine instead of several dozen (quite a convenience for the city, methinks). And the machine is solar-powered! Isn't that neat? Plenty of free sunshine here in C Town!

Anyway, when I first glanced at this bike from a distance, I thought it was a real chain or cable, and that is probably what the person responsible had in mind. I couldn't help thinking, though, in my larcenous way, that it would be a simple matter of slipping the lengthy "cable" over the sign attached to the best. On closer inspection, I saw what it really was and had a good laugh.

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