Sunday, April 27, 2014

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

My transit authority issued a memo informing us drivers (especially Route 20 drivers like me) that the man in the picture (I figured I could get away with not trying to hide his identity - no one reads this blog anyway) was banned from riding for a year for undisclosed reasons. The memo didn't even give us his name, so it's not very useful as a means of enforcing the ban.

Now, I'm not saying that I think black people look alike. Obviously they don't, but this guy is fairly nondescript, so unless he shows up wearing the same clothing as in this photo, I'm going to have a heard time making the call, especially given the fairly low quality of the image. In fact, there is a guy who rides my Route 20 (I've dropped the pretense of assigning aliases to the route numbers - partly because I'm lazy, but mostly because even on the off chance that my employers saw this blog, I've changed the names of towns and everything else that could give a positive identification to the transit authority in question) who looks enough like the man in the picture to make me wonder. But without a name to go by, it's hard to tell. The memo says that if this persona non grata tries to board, we should radio dispatch for advise. So I'm supposed to delay a bus full of people and possibly offend an innocent passenger based on this flimsy information?

But even more disturbing than the complete incompetence of my employers is what's going on in the background of this photo...

Shouldn't we be more concerned that a member of the dreaded Anonymous is riding our system? Or is this just an innocent Juggalo on his way to a performance of his favorite band?

Dafuq is that!? It looks like some kind of hideous bastard child of Mr. Potato Head and a crash test dummy! I am seriously creeped out.

All I know about the banned rider is that he was "being unruly". I think he was probably just having a normal human's reaction to the horror show being put on by the other passengers.