Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wacky Wednesday: Debit Dumbass

This is just a quick tale of wackiness for your Wednesday. Immediately after the intersection detailed in last week's post, there is a bus stop. When I finally got through that dreadful incident, two teenage boys tried to board my bus. The first one was holding a debit card, which he began thrusting at every likely looking slot and hole on the fare machine.

I stopped his aimless actions and told him that we didn't take such cards. He looked quite crestfallen, and said that the card was all he had. I said, “Well, I'm sorry, then you can't ride.” He and his friend shuffled away with their heads hung low.

I have heard that some transit systems do accept fares from debit cards, but ours does not. I've had passengers ask if we do, which is a legitimate question. The important word in that sentence, however, is “ask”. At least they asked. They didn't just start flailing away at the machine with their bit of plastic.

Most of my riders on that route are regulars, and I had never seen this lad before, so he may have been new to the area. His behavior seemed to suggest that he was perhaps familiar with another transit system which did accept debit cards. Okay, fair enough. But if that were the case, and you went to a new system with unfamiliar fare machines, wouldn't you at least ask how to use the card on that machine?

Whether he was new to area, or only to this bus system, he was just a silly teenager, and probably a stoned one at that. That may not qualify as wacky, but coming so close upon the heels of the tweeker intersection, it was definitely a one-two punch of dumbfuckery.

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