Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wacky Wednesday: Math Anxiety

College Town has two sets of numbered thoroughfares – with “Street” or “Avenue” after the numerals. There are 23 numbered streets starting in the central business district and getting higher in number as you go south. “The Avenues”, as the neighborhood is locally known, begin a few blocks north of downtown and increase in number as you go north, and there are a total of twelve of them. There is room for a 13th one, but it has a name instead of a number. There is a myth that the town planners were superstitious – which doesn't explain why there is a 13th Street. Maybe different rules apply for businesses and residences.

Cutting proudly through these avenues is the jewel in the College Town network of streets, which we shall call “The Promenade”, because that name is an almost exact synonym for its actual name. The other afternoon I was driving up The Promenade when two teenagers got on across the street from College Town High School, which is a couple of blocks south of 1st Avenue.

The distaff half of the pair asked me if there was a bus stop at 8th Avenue. I told her there was one at 7th and another at 9th. She said, “Which one is closer to 8th?”

I looked at her for a moment, to see if she was serious. Apparently she was, so I said, “Well, 8 is between 7 and 9, so I guess it's up to you which one you want.” They opted for the one at 7th.

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